Mining can be a catalyst for sustainable economic development

Key Stakeholders, Issues of Interest, and Engagement Approach

Stakeholder Common issues and interests Engagement & frequency

Local communities

Direct job opportunities, broader economic growth, environmental and water quality impacts, infrastructure improvements, moral fabric

Frequent roundtable dialogue, access to our locally-based staff, grievance mechanism, meetings with local leaders

Civil society

Infrastructure improvements, environmental stewardship, broader environmental, social, and economic risks and opportunities

Frequent meetings with local leaders, institutional memberships, events, media, grievance mechanism, brochures, sustainability reporting

Indigenous groups

Preserving identity and culture, extreme poverty, capacity building, infrastructure and economic development

Building on 2009 cooperation agreement between Shuar Federation of Zamora Chinchipe and Aurelian Ecuador S.A., instituting regular
meetings to address issues of common priority

Artisanal miners

Respectful engagement, livelihood, environmental impacts, formalization


Conservation groups

Impact on environment and ecosystem services, strengthening biodiversity knowledge and offset policies in Ecuador

Collaboration agreements, site monitoring

Employees, workers

Rewarding, meaningful and safe livelihood

Code of conduct, daily to weekly meetings, grievance mechanism


Access to supply chain opportunities

Roundtable dialogue, tender announcements, contractual relationships

Religious groups

Environmental and social impacts, local social infrastructure, education, moral fabric, vulnerable groups

Regular meetings, roundtable dialogue, participation in media activities operated by local religious group

Government agencies, ministries, representatives

Economic development through responsible mining, capacity building, royalties, taxes and their distribution

Throughout licensing, permitting, and monitoring (monthly to quarterly), roundtables, events, media

Shareholders, investors

Responsible mining practices, good corporate governance, political risk

Meetings, quarterly and annual disclosure requirements, media releases, technical reports, sustainability report

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