Responsible Mining Policy

Lundin Gold Inc., including its subsidiaries, (Lundin Gold or the Company) is committed to responsible mining, which means we are committed to operating our facilities according to these fundamental principles.

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Lundin Gold believes that transparent and sustainable practices and being a good corporate citizen are central to the long-term success of our business.

We seek to create enduring relationships with local communities and stakeholders and to address social challenges that are priorities both for communities and for the business through partnerships. By doing so, we help to create value for a range of stakeholders. Lundin Gold’s commitment to responsible mining is manifested by:

  1. Committing to achieving zero harm. We strive to ensure that the health and safety of our employees and contractors are first and foremost in everything we do. As a leader in health and safety, Lundin Gold promotes the well-being of people in our host communities.
  2. Identifying and taking steps to reduce the potential for accidents and emergency situations, and implementing emergency response plans to protect the health and safety of our workers, contractors, the public and the environment.
  3. Undertaking Company business activities ethically and transparently, in accordance with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.
  4. Voluntarily adopting and integrating internationally accepted good practice for the mining industry and seeking alliances with external entities so as to improve our performance.
  5. Providing training to assist with meeting these responsible mining objectives and ensuring that adequate resources to meet these objectives are available.
  6. Striving to meet or exceed legal requirements in fulfilling the commitments of this Policy and expecting our employees and our contractors to do the same.
  7. Setting annual objectives and targets to continually improve our health, safety and environmental management and performance, as well as for stakeholder engagement and positive community outcomes.
  8. Designing, developing and operating Company facilities with the goal of minimizing their overall environmental impact and taking into account their eventual closure. We are committed to the efficient use of water, energy and other resources and to responsibly managing the Company’s waste. Lundin Gold contributes to the conservation of biodiversity by meeting or exceeding the legal requirements for species preservation and by promoting research, partnerships and responsible land management practices.
  9. Assessing the risks and impacts of Company operations and integrating these considerations into planning and operational decision-making processes. We strive for continuous improvement in our health, safety, environmental performance and community outcomes.
  10. Being accountable to stakeholders and developing relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
  11. Working closely with host communities and partners to provide lasting benefits in the form of sustainable programs that enhance the quality of life where Lundin Gold operates.
  12. Treating people with dignity and respecting all internationally-recognized human rights.
  13. Respecting the rights, interests, concerns, traditional land uses and cultural activities of indigenous peoples.
  14. Developing and implementing corporate governance processes to underwrite our responsible mining commitments.
  15. Conducting regular audits to assess and ensure compliance with this policy and developing processes for preventing non-conformance and adopting corrective actions. We report our progress quarterly to the Board of Directors.

Ron F. Hochstein
President and CEO
For and on behalf of the Board
October 2017

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