• Responsible Mining

Responsible Mining

Lundin Gold believes that transparent and sustainable practices and being a good corporate citizen are central to the long-term success of our business. We seek to create enduring relationships with local communities and stakeholders and to address social challenges that are priorities both for communities and for the business through partnerships.


We are committed to these fundamental principles:
Responsible Mining Policy

Health and Safety

Lundin Gold is committed to having a robust health and safety culture at our operations and in local communities. We strive for zero harm through effective prevention and response measures. Our health and safety practices comply with international standards and are driven by our Fundamental Principle of Working Safely and our Responsible Mining Policy.

Health & Safety



The overarching objective of Lundin Gold’s Environmental Stewardship program is to implement industry best practices for water management, waste and tailings management, and emissions reductions while protecting biodiversity.

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Climate Change

Lundin Gold recognizes that climate change presents a broad set of transitional and physical risks and opportunities for its business and is working to ensure the Company’s long-term resilience against these impacts.

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Lundin Gold works in partnership with communities, governments, local businesses and NGOs to support meaningful and outcome-focused initiatives through our community investment programs. We believe that responsible mining is a catalyst for sustainable economic development. Lundin Gold is committed to building strong relationships with stakeholders; upholding fundamental human rights; and respecting cultures, customs and values, while engaging in open and inclusive dialogue.

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5-year Sustainability Strategy

Lundin Gold developed an overarching 5-Year Sustainability Strategy. Supported by an impact management framework that includes management practices and key performance indicators, the strategy will guide decision-making by senior and operations management and our field-based teams.

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